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If I am evaluating alsternatives to Apache Camel for a light weight EAI framework what should I include in my evaluation?

  • Open or closed source is OK
  • It doesn't have to be Java but it must run on Windows
  • MS alternatives are OK
  • I don't want a full blown ESB
  • It should support file, SOAP web services, and REST endpoints. OData support would be a bonus.
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You can find links to blogs/articles etc about Camel alternatives / competitors at: http://camel.apache.org/articles

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Did you ever come across a MS/.Net alternative in your travels? –  Peter Kelley Apr 22 '13 at 23:36

Have you tried Spring Integration for Java? You can refer to Hillert blog that comparing the Camel, Spring Integration and other EAI Frameworks.

For .net there is Mass Transit and ESB.net.

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I'd argue that Mass Transit and ESB.NET is more like a generic messaging framework and is not fully comparable to Apache Camel. –  Hadi Eskandari May 12 at 6:16

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