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I'm in the middle of trying to deploy a Django project on Subsys.no, Who uses FastCGI. I have never deployed a project before and have been trying for 3 days straight.

I have made a virtualenv on the server and installed all the packages I need. I have uploaded (FTP) the project I have onto the server (in the correct place) I have tired using Fabrics "fab all" command on the server and locally. The server gave this response:



$ cat /etc/default/locale ->

Fatal error: Low level socket error connecting to host subsys.no on port 22: Connection refused (tried 1 time)

Underlying exception:
Connection refused


The local gave the same answer but with one twist:

Fatal error: Timed out trying to connect to subsys.no (tried 1 time)

Underlying exception:
timed out

I'm not sure if the error lie here or here on the site. It gives out alot that I dont understand.

All help is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!

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The error on the site says that there is no mezzanine module installed (may be your application tries to use system-level python), check it first. –  alecxe Apr 22 '13 at 8:12
When I check with which python I'm told that I'm using the right one –  Hauk1 Apr 22 '13 at 15:20
Do you see mezzanine in pip freeze output? –  alecxe Apr 22 '13 at 16:06
The pip freeze gave this output. Warning: cannot find svn location for flup==1.0.3.dev-20110405 Django==1.5.1 Fabric==1.6.0 Mezzanine==1.4.5 Pillow==2.0.0 bleach==1.2.1 filebrowser-safe==0.2.26 ## FIXME: could not find svn URL in dependency_links for this package: flup==1.0.3.dev-20110405 grappelli-safe==0.2.21 html5lib==0.95 paramiko==1.10.1 pycrypto==2.6 pytz==2013b wsgiref==0.1.2 –  Hauk1 Apr 23 '13 at 17:01

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