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If I have a simple JSON object that is written in the html document space under a script tag (that looks like below), how do I easily load it into Silverlight? I need to load each of the two arrays below into their own String[] in .NET, and it doesn't need to be dynamic as to what arrays in the Player object it loads, it will always just be those two.


Player = {
    Names: ["name 1","name 2","name 3"],
    Files: ["file 1","file 2","file 3"]

In Pseudo code:

String[] Names = Page.Javascript.Player.Names;
String[] Files = Page.Javascript.Player.Files;
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Try this regex:

Player[^;,N]+Names ?: ?(\[[^\]]*\])[^F]+Files ?: ?(\[[^\]]*\])

This regual expression will match for the string above. The result groups 1 and 2 will contain your json array with the strings of Names and Files`. Check also this fiddle.

The next step is just to drop the two groups in a json parser or another regular expression and you have your strings.

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If you have more Json to parse, you can use .Net Json helpers in System.Json dll

var jsonObj = (JsonObject)JsonArray.Parse("{ Names: ['name 1','name 2','name 3'],  Files: ['file 1','file 2','file 3']}");
// You need to cast JsonValue in string
string[] names = (jsonObj["Names"] as JsonArray).Select(j => (string)j).ToArray();
string[] files = (jsonObj["Files"] as JsonArray).Select(j => (string)j).ToArray();

You can use DataContractJsonSerializer to convert Json in object...

See more http://msdn.microsoft.com/fr-fr/library/cc197957(v=vs.95).aspx

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