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I am trying to show the position of a moving bus in google maps api v2 in an android application. I am able to mark the stops and draw routes using the markers and polylines. Now, I am trying to have an image(bus/Marker) that moves along the route that is there in the map. I am using GroundOverlay to achieve this, but I am not able to re draw the moving image/marker using GroundOverlay.

The problem I am facing is that, as I am drawing the map in the OnCreate function, the map, markers, routes and all the positions of the moving marker are displayed only once at the end of the oncreate function. I think I am going in the wrong direction. Is there a way to redraw only the moving marker? Is it possible to have a view on top of a map and draw on the view using projection? (is this possible in V2? If Yes, do we have some demo or sample available online?)

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Looks like Google Maps v2 documentation sucks big time... here is a similar question ...… – Anil Apr 22 '13 at 2:18
Example screenshots of what you want to achieve would be helpful. – MaciejGórski Apr 22 '13 at 9:59

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