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Im trying to create and save an ics using ical4j

When i run the following code, I get a calendar must contain at least one component.. how do I attach a component to my calendar, or an event to my calendar...

Exception in thread "main" net.fortuna.ical4j.model.ValidationException: Calendar must contain at least one component

    Calendar calendar = new Calendar();
    calendar.getProperties().add(new ProdId("-//Tyler Eans//iCal4j 1.0//EN"));

    java.util.Calendar cal = java.util.Calendar.getInstance();
    cal.set(java.util.Calendar.MONTH, java.util.Calendar.DECEMBER);
    cal.set(java.util.Calendar.DAY_OF_MONTH, 25);

    VEvent christmas = new VEvent(new Date(cal.getTime()), "Christmas Day");
    // initialise as an all-day event..

    FileOutputStream fout = new FileOutputStream("mycalendar.ics");

    CalendarOutputter outputter = new CalendarOutputter();
    outputter.output(calendar, fout);
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You need to add something to the calendar, something like calendar.getComponents().add(christmas); for example...stolen from here – MadProgrammer Apr 22 '13 at 1:56

Just add this line before outputting:

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