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I'm currently having a problem with a shell command that is running before I want it to. For example I've got 6 commands that I all want to run in succession, and the first 5 are doing fine, but once I get to the last one, which relies on the output produced by the previous one, it won't run. In other words, is there anyway I can make my last command not run UNTIL the fifth one is fully completed? Here is a quick look at a snippet of my code for this situation.

        /*Renders user image*/
        //$command_1 = 'cd ./***/; povray +I'.$newname.' +O'.$newname_t.' +D '.$_POST['AA'].' +H75 +W100';
        $command_2 = 'cd ./***/; povray +I'.$newname.' +O'.$newname_i.' +D '.$_POST['AA'].' '.$_POST['resolution'];

        /*Command to copy the .pov, .ini, and .inc files from User_Files to the correct animation directory before frame renders can be done*/
        $command_cp_pov = 'cp ***'.$newname.' ***'.$location;
        $command_cp_ini = 'cp ***'.$newname_j.' ***'.$location;
        $command_cp_inc = 'cp *** ***'.$location;

        /*Render the frames for the animation*/
        $command_3 = 'cd ***'.$location.'; povray +I '.$newname_j.' +A +H384 +W512'.'> /dev/null 2>/dev/null &';

        /*Testing purposes*/
        //echo $command_3."\n";

        /*Throw together the animation using the .png files in the directory*/
        $command_4 = 'cd ***'.$location.'; convert -delay 0 -loop 0 *.png animation.gif'.'> /dev/null 2>/dev/null &';

        /*Testing purposes*/
        //echo $command_4;

        $shellOutput = shell_exec($command_2);
        $shellOutput = shell_exec($command_cp_pov);
        $shellOutput = shell_exec($command_cp_ini);
        $shellOutput = shell_exec($command_cp_inc);
        $shellOutput = shell_exec($command_3);
        // I want this command to run once the previous one is completely finished
        $shellOutput = shell_exec($command_4);

The 5th shell_exec command is running a .ini file using povray to create 50 frames of a scene so I can then use ImageMagick to put all of those frames together into a gif. It currently isn't working correctly though, because I need a way to somehow delay the execution of command_4 until command_3 is completely finished (all 50 frames are rendered).

If anyone is wondering what all of the asterisks('*') are, that is just me not feeling comfortable showing my actual locations within my server. Sorry if this confuses anyone.

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you can check whether a process is running looking at its process id –  Arun Killu Apr 22 '13 at 3:33

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What would be the difference if you used exec instead and test the return variable for succes, then run the lastone

    /*Throw together the animation using the .png files in the directory*/

    /* can you change command to remain in the browser, 
       and report the results rather than writing to dev/null? */
    $command_3 = 'cd ***'.$location.'; povray +I '.$newname_j.' +A +H384 +W512'.'2>&1';

    // I want this command to run once the previous one is completely finished
    if ($return_value === 0){
         $command_4 = 'cd ***'.$location.'; convert -delay 0 -loop 0 *.png animation.gif'.' 2>&1';

         if ($return_value !== 0){
                $failed_result = "An error on 4 ($return) occured.<br>";
                foreach($shellOutput as $v)
                     echo "shelloutput: $v<br>";
    } else {
         $failed_result = "An error on 3 ($return) occured.<br>";
         foreach($shellOutput as $v)
                   echo "shelloutput: $v<br>";
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Unfortunately this doesn't fix my problem. I did test it out, but still got the same results as before. I still get all 50 frames rendered, but the .gif just doesn't get created. –  Drew Apr 22 '13 at 3:03
Try to veiw the results of the exec command. –  ndasusers Apr 22 '13 at 3:19
It's ok, later I think you can run them in the back. For now, it is needed to find out why it does not write the file though. –  ndasusers Apr 22 '13 at 16:01
Correction...now the animation is still not being produced....I don't know why it worked once, and not again. I'm not seeing any echo's on my page with any shelloutput error messages. –  Drew Apr 22 '13 at 16:37
I hate when things work intermittently. –  ndasusers Apr 22 '13 at 17:26

I do not understand the syntax of the shell you are using. But if this helps, I never had trouble with bash being so impatient as to start one command before povray finished the previous rendering in a huge batch. I used syntax like this:


for i in fracpos04*.pov; do povray $i +fn +w1280 +h960 +kff225 +a0.3; done

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You can achieve this result with PHP's Process API.

If you look at the proc_close function you'll see it clearly states:

proc_close() waits for the process to terminate, and returns its exit code.

There's a good example on the proc_open manual page. During execution you can get status updates by calling proc_get_status.

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