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So I am relatively new to GitHub and am trying to use it with an open source team to develop a simple web application. Upon committing a file I am prompted with an error saying "Files must be stored under trunk/ or branches/ subdirectory."

Is there a way I can append my GitHub URL to only access the trunk? Currently my settings are the following in Dreamweaver CS6...

Server Address:

Repository Path: /username/RepoName.git

Server Port: 443

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  1. Git and Subversion use different URLs for accessing repository
  2. You must checkout the whole repository from Github before you start to work
  3. You have to use right URL for repository

Is there a way I can append my GitHub URL to only access the trunk?

No. Git-URLs are not path-based, single repo under the same URL have all branches

Additional reading:

When I used hints from the first article, I checkouted my Git-repo from Github by svn client. For Git-repo

svn co

checkout the whole repository-tree

>dir /B /S /AD
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