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I am designing database architecture. I have user. User make request for order. Order is associated with payment. Once payment is completed, I want to generate sticker for that user.
Sticker has initial prize(i.e. $10). Now, admin can edit sticker prize. so, if admin change sticker prize then order will generate with new prize after change by admin.

By database architecture is as follow :

User(id, name, email, password)
Order(id, user_id, no_of_sticker,sticker_prize, address, status)
Payment(id, order_id, amount, date)
sticker(id, order_id, name, content)

Now, my question is--- is it good to create new table for just one single attribute. That sticker_prize is only available for admin to edit

Please give your valuable suggestion.
Thanks in adv.

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It seems to me that someting is missing in your sticker_info table - it should have the id of the sticker as foreign key, right? Or do all stickers have the same price? Then that is the point you are missing, a sticker-category and the related price for that... –  Argeman Apr 22 '13 at 9:33
All sticker is having same prize. There is no different categories of stickers. –  Ketan Ghumatkar Apr 23 '13 at 5:03
What is the point of the 'sticker' table? Why is the order_id stored in it, especially as the sticker_id is stored in the orders table? Why can't the administrator edit the sticker price which is in the orders table? –  No'am Newman Apr 23 '13 at 5:41
because order is given by user. I have added tag_prize in order to keep record of tag_prize of previous order if in time admin change it. Order table gets entry if order is set.To set order tag_prize has to be there in database previously. Hope you are getting... –  Ketan Ghumatkar Apr 23 '13 at 7:37
Are you saying that at any given time there is a "current sticker prize", and when an order is created it gets the sticker prize in effect at that time? e.g. Admin sets sticker prize to $10. User A creates order, prize is $10. User B creates order, prize is $10. Admin changes prize to $15. User C creates order, prize is $15. Etc. Or does the admin change the amount of the prize on existing orders? –  Jay Apr 25 '13 at 17:26

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Creating the sticker_info table, for the purpose of storing a single value is ok from a database design perspective. You should ensure you have a primary key on the table so you can not get duplicate rows.

In larger systems, there are often lots of values like this, and often the solution is a table like: configuration( configId, configValue ).

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