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this is my sample stylesheet

 .cover{ margin 0 auto;}    
  .cover .ab{ display:inline-block color:#000; height:25px;}

while hover the class .ab class .ac should drop from -25px from 0px

  .cover .ab:hover .ac{ top:0px }  
  .ac{ position:absolute; top:-25px; height:25px;} 

my html looks like

       <div class="cover">
       <div class="ab">&nbsp;</div>
       <div class="ac">&nbsp;</div>

it doesn't seems to works is there anything wrong in statement please help me thanks n advance.

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you can't do this with CSS unless .ac is a child of .ab, try jQuery –  slash197 Apr 22 '13 at 6:36

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.cover .ab:hover .ac { top:0px } 

This is not working since .ac is not a child of .ab (and also not a child of .cover by the way).

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Use Sibling selector over Cover. Demo

  .cover:hover ~ .ac { top:0px }  
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Thanks dude PSCoder..got some idea.. :) –  Vivek Vikranth Apr 22 '13 at 6:43
:) you can rearrange your html to use adjascent sibling selector or sibling selector.. At thi spoint till css3 what you are looking for is not possible. You might event want to use JS/jquery if you want to acheive that without changing your html. –  PSL Apr 22 '13 at 6:45

you can achieve it if both of your divs are siblings:

<div class="cover">
   <div class="ab">asdfa</div>     
   <div class="ac">test</div>

then css:

.ab:hover ~ .ac{ top:0px;height:25px; }  

would work for you working Demo.

The general sibling combinator (~) works for siblings.

you can move your .ac div in .cover div or apply css on .cover div:

.cover:hover ~ .ac { top:0px }  
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