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Every time I want to run my project on the remote server, I need to export it from Eclipse as a jar file, to transfer the file from my local machine to the remote server using WinSCP and then to use Putty to run it on the remote server. I am wondering is there a more suitable way of handling this, e.g. an Eclipse plugin that allows me to perform this straight from Eclipse.

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Couldn'tyou create a program to do all that for you, and call it with a few parameters everytime? – Jeff Apr 22 '13 at 6:43
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This functionality is present in Eclipse, called Remote Systems Explorer.

  1. Open the Remote Systems view by going to Window -> Show View -> Other....

  2. Then right click in this view and select on New connection....

  3. Select SSH Only as remote system type and click Next.

  4. Fill in the necessary information such as hostname and connection name and click Finish.

  5. Select the Connector node you just created from the Remote Systems view and choose Connect.... Enter your credentials and press Ok.

If you managed to log in, you will see a green arrow on the node indicating you are connected.

You can right click either Shells or Terminals and choose Launch Shell/Terminal. A new Remote Shell or Terminal should appear where you can type in commands.

It is also possible to remotely create files, open/edit and save them from within Eclipse.

More documentation can be found in the Eclipse RSE manual.

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