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How can I display VML textpaths in a custom font? Is it possible to use Cufon or @font-face?

This is my source code:

<?xml:namespace prefix = "rvml" ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml" />
    <rvml:shape class=rvml style="CURSOR: pointer; HEIGHT: 1px; POSITION: absolute; LEFT: 0px; FILTER: ; TOP: 0px; VISIBILITY: visible; WIDTH: 1px" raphael="true" raphaelid="3" coordsize = "21600,21600" filled = "t" fillcolor = "black" stroked = "f" path = " m496800,864000 l496801,864000 e">
        <rvml:stroke class=rvml opacity = "1" miterlimit = "8"></rvml:stroke>
        <rvml:textpath class=rvml style="FONT: 12px 'lucida_grande'; v-text-align: left; v-text-kern: true" on = "t" string = "&#10;Mijn tekst hier"></rvml:textpath>
        <rvml:path class=rvml textpathok = "t"></rvml:path>
        <rvml:skew class=rvml on = "t" matrix = "1,0,0,1,0,0" offset = "-.5,-.5"></rvml:skew>
        <rvml:fill class=rvml type = "solid"></rvml:fill>
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