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I have spent 3 days reading and testing to understand a little what the hell is all this of digital signatures and code signing, why exists and how to sign my app... (Still don't learned 100%)

Well, today I have done my own certificate and digital signature, but when I try to open the compiled application in other machine like a VirtualMachine (VBOX) with Win7 I still getting this advise from shared devices (I'll mean from network devices, you know the shared folder of the virtualmachine)

enter image description here

The advise says my digital signature is invalid, I don't know why!

A free digital signature can't be validated?

This is how I did my certificate from commandline:

makecert -r -pe -a sha1 -n "CN=%Name%" -b "%InitialDate%" -e "%ExpireDate%" -$ individual -sr LocalMachine -ss my -cy authority -# "%SerialNumber%" "%Name%.cer"

And this is how I signed my framework 4 application:

SignTool sign /f "%Name%.pfx" /p "%Password%" Application.exe

Also I've added my cert in the signing tab of my project, but I still get the advise screen from Windows...

Why the OS advises with that screen when I try to run my NON malicious app in other machine?

What I'm missing?

PS: I know how to bypass the advise screen setting the IE options but this is not a solution for other people.

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It is because you are signing the code with your own non genuine certificate. Code signing certificates must be issued by a legal trusted publisher like Thawte, VeriSign, GlobalSign etc... Otherwise you need to distribute your own certificate in your own way and ask for users to import the certificate as a trusted one. Legal certificates are often distributed by Windows update automatically.

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That means all the alternatives are paying for the signature? –  ElektroStudios Apr 22 '13 at 9:29

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