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I have a vector of c++ structs, and I need to put this into a managed, typed dataset.

std::vector<Record*> record_collection;

class Record{
virtual ~Record(){};
virtual void serialize(std::ostream& dest){
    dest << "Record" << std::endl;

Record* is a base class - I need to handle the derived class. A typical example is

class TestRecord:public Record{
    std::string t_str;
    int t_int;
    double t_double;
    void serialize(std::ostream& dest){
        dest << t_int << ',' << t_double << ',' << t_str << ',' << std::endl;

Essentially, I need to reproduce the serialize method, except that I need to make DataColumns for t_str, t_int, and t_double, type the columns appropriately, and then put the values in them.

I can edit anything as required at this point, but I need to set up the pattern such that anything that implements record can have its data members can be serialized into a managed dataset with typed columns.

Can anyone advise on a pattern, or a suggestion, that would help? I could do it with inspection on a tuple if this were Python, but in c++11 a tuple needs to be of predefined type.

The problem here is that I may not compile record or TestRecord with /cli, in which case I could pass in the datatable to the record and let it populate it itself - so I'm looking for a better solution than the ones I have:

a) Write a managed wrapper for every derived class b) Do type inspection.

Is there a pattern I've missed?

Thanks, Melanie

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Is serialize virtual? How many child classes? Is the number fixed and never changing? Can you change the child classes? Can you change the Record class? Give an example concrete interface for Record. You say you need to reproduce serialize with DataColumns, but you also say you need Dataset^ -- which do you actually need? –  Yakk Apr 22 '13 at 17:36
Good questions. Serialize is virtual, an unknown number of classes inherit record, and for each value of unknown type I need a datacolumn of appropriate type, put together in a dataset. I'll edit the question. –  Melanie Apr 22 '13 at 23:34

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