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How to write code in Java using Regex and ReplaceAll method which would exclude all subsequences from long string:

:' goes to ' :+ goes to + +' goes to '

For example, if i have:

string U:'0 that after reduction be U'0 string U+'0 that after reduction be U'0

If I have long string, operation should be repeated until all combinations of those three strings would dispose.

I am not so good with regex, so I would appreciate to any help.


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your example is pretty unclear to me. –  Niraj Nawanit Apr 22 '13 at 7:46

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I'm not sure that regular expressions are the correct tool for this. Is there any reason why you can't just do:

String myString = "This U:'0 is a U+'0 string."
myString = myString.Replace(":'", "'");
myString = myString.Replace(":+", "+");
myString = myString.Replace("+'", "'");

Unless the logic behind the transformations is far more involved than you are actually suggesting, there's no reason why this wouldn't be sufficient.

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