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I do have a enum class in java as follows

public enum SMethod {

A    (true, true, true,false),
B    (true, true, false,false),
C    (true, true, false,false),
D    (false, false, false)


Another class have below method

private String getSMethod(boolean isSds) {
    if (isClsSds)
        return "A";
        return "B";

Currently this method return hard code value but string.But I want to return it using SMethod enum.I have written it as follows:

private SMethod getSMethod(boolean isSds) {
    if (isClsSds)
        return SMethod.A;
        return SMethod.B;

but my need is this method should return String.

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SMethod.A.name() should give you the string. –  Sudhanshu Apr 22 '13 at 7:43
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Use name() method:

return SMethod.A.name();

To get the String name of the enum object.

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return SMethod.A.name(); will return string

see name() method

Returns the name of this enum constant, exactly as declared in its enum declaration.

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There are two ways.

So you can use

public String getName(SMethod enm)
    return enm.name();
    // or enm.toString();
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