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In TFS 2012, a product backlog has a stroybord link, which is a path to files in shared server. Now I need to create a work item type with a link to file path link similar to storyboard. So I tried the following ways.

  1. Extend Linkscontrol It was very difficult with no enough information and not recommended by MS.
  2. Create a link similar to storyboard To my surprise, it was impossible to export link type definition of Storyboard. When I use exportlinktype command, TFS tells me Storyboard does not exist.

Any recommendations are welcome.


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have you managed to find any info about the issue? –  Beytan Kurt Aug 28 '14 at 14:31

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Custom Link Types can be created using the XML convention and uploaded to the TFS server using the following command:

witadmin importlinktype /collection:CollectionURL /f:FileName

This is what an export of link types for a collection looks like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ibm850"?>
  <LinkType ReferenceName="Microsoft.VSTS.Common.Affects" ForwardName="Affects" ReverseName="Affected By" Topology="Dependency" />
  <LinkType ReferenceName="Microsoft.VSTS.Common.TestedBy" ForwardName="Tested By" ReverseName="Tests" Topology="Dependency" />
  <LinkType ReferenceName="Microsoft.VSTS.TestCase.SharedStepReferencedBy" ForwardName="Test Case" ReverseName="Shared Steps" Topology="Dependency" />
  <LinkType ReferenceName="System.LinkTypes.Dependency" ForwardName="Successor"ReverseName="Predecessor" Topology="Dependency" />
  <LinkType ReferenceName="System.LinkTypes.Hierarchy" ForwardName="Child" ReverseName="Parent" Topology="Tree" />
  <LinkType ReferenceName="System.LinkTypes.Related" ForwardName="Related" ReverseName="Related" Topology="Network" />

Reference: MSDN: Customizing link types using witadmin

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Point is that there is no link type of storyboard. Storyboard is hidden behind and its extension is almost impossible. –  user1908842 Jul 31 '13 at 4:59

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