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I have the following visual activities:

  1. List of issues.
  2. Detailed card of issue.
  3. Popup to confirm deletion of issue.

Last one is interesting widget:

  • when I press "No" (don't want to delete), then I need to return back to detailed card. Implementation is simple - just add data-rel="back" to button link.
  • when I press "Yes" (yes, want to delete issue), then after deletion I need to return back TWICE to list of issues - because deleted issue already not exist.

How to implement last bullet? Guess no need to point direct page url (yes, it's possible, but not flexible).

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Manipulate pages dynamically using $.mobile.changePage(). Using data-rel=back will limit control over your pages. Combining it with .on() callback events. – Omar Apr 22 '13 at 13:05

To go back two steps (second previous page) using .prevAll() as follows.

var previous = '#' + $.mobile.activePage.prevAll('[data-role=page]')[1].id;
$.mobile.changePage(previous, { transition: 'flip', reverse: true });

where [1] is the index of second previous page in [object] of previous pages.

To use this method, your pages should have id.


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Omar, thanks. Good idea. Being precise: var previous = $('#' + $.mobile.activePage.prevAll('[data-role=page]'))[0].id; – Valery Bulash Apr 22 '13 at 8:52
@ValeryBulash [0] will take you to first previous page as you're using data-rel=back. – Omar Apr 22 '13 at 8:57
Meaning popup is no page but div inside page - first previous page is what I want. Thanks again – Valery Bulash Apr 22 '13 at 9:01

I have checked this recipe again:

  • yes, it is change page to what I want.
  • no, it's not rewind a history.

What I mean as "rewind":

History of steps: page0 - page1 - page2 - "confirm deletion". What I expect - "confirm deletion" change page to page1. Press then back - page changed to page0.

What I see - "confirm deletion" change page to page1 (right). Press then back - page changed to page2 (wrong!). It's normal behaviour when changing page, but not in my case.

How to REWIND?

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