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I find a simple (and portable) lib for integrate in a my OpenGL based game.

more simple and little of FreeType?


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Try FTGL. Its portable, simple in use and can render 3D fonts. But it uses FreeType2.

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If your using QT, there's a built in font rendering subsystem, assuming you've sub classed QGLWidget, there is a set of text rendering methods you can call

If you don't find a library, you could always render the text out to an image using photoshop, and then use it as a texture atlas, and render textured quads out

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Try FreeType, here is a NeHe lesson on how to use it in an OpenGL program.

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hanks FreeType is good approoch. in my plans i port my app in some plataforms (PC, iPhone, PlayStation, etc..) FreeType is plataform-indepent. the hard part is integrate freetype in my proj –  user189142 Oct 23 '09 at 16:52
Oops, I haven't noticed that you mentioned you didn't want "FreeType" –  Lawand Oct 23 '09 at 17:45

If you want to use FreeType, I have a simple OpenGL example of how to use it. I render glyphs to a glyph cache that is backed by a texture. Then I draw the text using simple texture mapped quads.


If you don't want to use FreeType, you can trivially replace it with Sean Barret's stb_truetype.h truetype font rasterizer:


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