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How to make two-dimensional array shared, so I could change it in thread and I'll see it changed in another thread? Thank you

    our @Cells=(); 
    for $Row_Of_Cell (0..$Number_Of_Rows-1) { 
            for $Column_Of_Cell (0..$Number_Of_Columns-1) {

Is that right?

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You have to share the inner structures as well, using share or shared_clone:

use warnings;
use strict;

use threads;
use threads::shared;

my @ar2d : shared;
my @second : shared = qw/A B C D/;
@ar2d = ( shared_clone([qw/a b c d/]),

my $thread = sub {
    my $idx = shift;
    while ('c' eq lc $ar2d[$idx][2]) {
        print "In thread1 $ar2d[$idx][2]\n";
        sleep 1;

my $thread1 = threads->create($thread, 0);
my $thread2 = threads->create($thread, 1);

for (1 .. 5) {
    sleep 1;
    print "In main $ar2d[0][2] $ar2d[1][2]\n";
$ar2d[0][2] = 'x';
$ar2d[1] = shared_clone([qw/A B X D/]);
print "In main $ar2d[0][2] $ar2d[1][2]\n";

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There's no such thing as a 2d array in Perl. Array can only contain scalars. This includes references, so 2d arrays are approximated using arrays of references to arrays. You need to make each of those arrays shared (using share), not just the base one.

Note that this kind of sharing is usually indicative of a poor (inefficient and error-prone) design. A worker model is highly recommended when possible.

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Thank you, but how to share those arrays? –  user1720753 Apr 22 '13 at 8:38

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