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I have panels that's create input fields and that are include in a form in another panel creating the form. My problem is that I don't see how to unit test my panel.

Let's say I have this java :

public class MyPanel extends Panel {
    public MyPanel(String id, IModel model) {
        super(id, model);
        TextField<String> test = new TextField<String>("test");
        test.add(new StringValidator.MaximumLengthValidator(5));


And the html :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<html xmlns:wicket>
            <label wicket:for="test"> <wicket:message key="test" />
            </label> <input type="text" wicket:id="test" />

Is there any way to make a unit test that can test my MaximumLengthValidator ? Since the panel does not contains a form, I can't use directly the FormTester and the WicketTester does not seem to use the Validator.

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In this situation, it is best to override class FormComponentPanel, which is a subclass of the generic type FormComponent<T>. This means that you can treat your new component just like e.g. an instance of TextField<String>.

public class MyPanel extends FormComponentPanel<String>

As from my experience, it is best to test form components by a FormTester on the containing Form. You don't get the converted input, unless the form is submitted.

What you could do for being able to test without form submission, is add a behavior reacting on the Javascript 'onupdate' function by AjaxFormComponentUpdatingBehavior, but then you would have to do read the input from Javascript and convert it yourself.

Thus my adivce:

  1. Extend FormComponentPanel
  2. Use FormTester to test your validators

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