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I have a WebBrowser control which I populate with HTML then display. The HTML contains a few links pointing to anchors in the same page...

        <a href="#myTarget">jump</a>

        <!-- further down page -->
        <a name="myTarget"><h2>A heading</h2></a>
  1. If I run my app via Visual Studio and load the control the HTML is displayed no problem. I click on a link and it jumps to the anchor as it should.

  2. Ditto if I install my app onto my local machine (ie installed via an MSI not run via Visual Studio). Everything as expected so far.

  3. However if I install and run my application in a WinXP virtual machine the HTML is still displayed as expected but now when I click on a link it behaves as if jumping to a new page. This new page simply contains...



The tags in the HTML generated by my app are exactly the same as I've included in my sample code above.

Could this be a C# issue? Is there a setting of the WebBrowser control I need to edit perhaps?

**Update: Internet Explorer 6.0

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Were you able to resolve this? If yes, can you please post the resolution? –  Lijo Apr 4 at 20:24

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Make sure you are running the same version of IE on all testing platforms.

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