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i am trying to attach images to Photoswipe dynamically.

$('#imgholder').on('tap', function(event){  
  (function(window,PhotoSwipe){                                                                         var                                                                                        options = {
preventHide: true,
getImageSource: function(obj){
return obj.url;
getImageCaption: function(obj){
return obj.caption;
for (var i = 0; i < images.length-1; i++)
instance = PhotoSwipe.attach([{url:images[i]}],options);

I' am trying to avoid the Gallery Tag because i dont want to show the gallery overview. My urls are stored in a simple array.

var images =[index].bilder_url.split("-,-");

Is it possible to attach this array to photoswipe or run a simple for loop? Or is there a different approach?

Thx in advance :)

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(function(window, PhotoSwipe){
   options = {},
   instance = PhotoSwipe.attach( window.document.querySelectorAll('#Gallery a'), options);;   
}(window, window.Code.PhotoSwipe));

Thats doing the trick :)

Found in the examples provided by PhotoSwipe.

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