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I'm trying to create a dynamic url pattern for the following url:

This is what I have added in the url.rules:

'content/<page:.*?>' => 'cms/default/home',

this works fine for /content/pagetitle.html but not for /content/pagetitle while my url suffix is empty. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

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You do not need a wildcard in this case:

'content/<page>' => 'cms/default/home',
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Not sure why you are adding the .*? there...

The following example should work

'content/<page:.+>' => 'cms/default/home',
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Your problem might also be that the regex "any character" character . gets escape if outside of a named group.


turns into

//                     ^ It escaped it for us even though we didn't want it

The solution is simply to make group for it:

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