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I'm a newbie using Windows cmd batch to run my OpenCV executable.

I wish to do this: I had successfully created an executable under current directory (myImgProc.exe). I have several arbitrarily named JPEG files that need to be inputted into myImgProc.exe. By brute-force method, I could write the .bat file as following:

    ECHO Start running myImgProc.exe on JPEG files

    START myImgProc.exe abc_01.jpg
    START myImgProc.exe def_02.jpg
    START myImgProc.exe ert-01.jpg
    START myImgProc.exe tyh-04.jpg

But this is too exhaustive to do because I have at least thousands of JPEG files!

Is there a better way to do it? Like, how to tell the Windows to find every JPEG file under current directory and set them as the arguments of cmd?

Thanks for answering!

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Try this

pushd "myStartFolder"
for %%i in (*.jpg) do START "" "myImgProc.exe" "%%~i"
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it works! thank you! –  halcyon Apr 22 '13 at 10:43
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