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My sound is embedded in as Assets class

        private static var gameLoopSound:Class;
        public static var gameLoop:Sound;

The sound is played in another class


but how do I stop this sound? It seems to me that a .stop() method would be the obvious way but this does not seem to work.

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With this approach, you lose the link to SoundChannel object that you can use to stop the sound that's being played. You do two things: First, make a publicly available variable of type SoundChannel and assign it the result value of Assets.gameLoop.play() call. Second, put a yourVariable.stop() where you need that music to stop. Most likely you will use another variable in Assets class. But, for better security, make a pair of static functions that will address this pair of variables, like this:

private static var gameLoopChannel:SoundChannel;
private static var gameLoop:Sound=new gameLoopSound(); 

public static function playGameLoop():void {
    if (gameLoopChannel) return;
public static function stopGameLoop():void {
    if (!gameLoopChannel) return; // no sound is being played
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excellent - many thanks. –  Roscoeh Apr 22 '13 at 10:58
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