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Hi I am working on a SPA application using the Hot Towel template and asp.net MVC.My applications home page is curently set to point to the Home and Index controller in RouteConfig.cs.

I have to change that route to point to a Durandel view.

This link should be the one that opens my homepage:


If it was asp.net mvc I would set it in RouteConfig.cs.If that is still the case how can I do that?If not where should I set this?

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Typically, in a Durandal-based SPA, there is code in the shell's activate function that uses the router to activate the "home" page. In a Hot Towel template, this code is in the shell's boot() function. This code normally looks like this:

    function activate() {
        return boot();

    function boot() {
        ... //router setup
        return router.activate('home');

This sets up the app so that, when the user browses to http://localhost:61620/Home/MyCourses#/, the app will load the dashboard route automatically, even though it may not be part of the literal url.

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