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I'm new to Cognos Reporting and I'm wondering there is a way to create models/queries that are conditional. For example:

"if x is not null then append this 'where line' to query"

Something like that, I'm still pretty new to Cognos so I may be using the wrong words.

Please help me out.


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If you want to filter rows of a query subject, Right click your query subject> Edit Defition> Filters Tab > Add a filter In the expression definition box,

x is null or (x is not null and <where expression to append>)

If you want to apply the filter for a query item

when x is not null and <where expression to append>
  then <some_query_item>
  else <some_query_item>
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Thanks for the reply! –  Erick Garcia Apr 25 '13 at 2:02

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