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I'm working on an app that basically revolves around 2D shapes (mostly simple polygons) being dynamically drawn and animated.

I'm looking for a way to easily time my animations. It's basically just moving a vertex to a specified point in a specified time, so just interpolating floats, with all the usual easing parameters. I come from a Flash/ActionScript 3 environment, so if you're familiar with that, think Tween Classes.

I probably could easily be doing this with Core Animation (BasicAnimation etc), but i will have up to a hundred gradient-filled shapes with varying opacity being animated dynamically, and I need good performance (60fps would be great). So i went for OpenGL ES. Plus I'm totally for investing time into learning something that I'll be able to reuse cross-platform.

So I know OpenGL is only for graphic rendering, and I'm not going to find any 2D animation methods built in. And I heard using CA with OpenGL (if feasible) was not a good idea performance-wise. But before I look deeper into interpolation algorithms to increment my vertex's coordinates every frame, I juste wanted to make sure I wasn't totally missing out on something much easier!?


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I would look into the popular cocos2d library. It looks really nice; supports animation and uses OpenGL ES behind the scenes.

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I heard about it but initially thought it was more sprite animation oriented. But you might be right, it does have transformation/easing actions and I'll definitely look into it and see how it can help. Thanks! –  Remi Oct 23 '09 at 17:57

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