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I'm going off a very vague memory, but there's a tool that is included in the Android SDK which, when you run it against an unsigned or a debug-signed application APK (I do not recall which), it outputs a 'processed' AndroidManifest file.

Howevever, I forgotten what the tool/flags are and I cannot find it online! Can someone help me? I hope the terminology is understandable but, you ran this SDK tool with a parameter on your unsigned/debug-signed APK (as I say, I can't recall which) and it generated an output which (I think) is what the Google Play store reads.

Sorry it's incredibly vague; if I find the tool I mean, I'll update this thread with it

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apktool is not provided with sdk.. are you talking about jarsigner? –  StinePike Apr 22 '13 at 15:59

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Perhaps you meant this:

    $ aapt dump badging <my_apk.apk>
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How do u run this on a windows machine? –  AlexVPerl Jan 17 at 23:17
@AlexVPerl Would this answer help? (stackoverflow.com/questions/12426137/…) –  declanh Jan 19 at 9:29

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