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I have two views having their own view models. One of them contains just a grid and the other contains a form. I'm loading two of them dynamically at the same time.

Here is the view model of my view conatining grid:

$(function () {

var ticker = $.connection.marketWatch;
var initializationData = null; // marketWatchData 
function init() {
    return ticker.server.getAllMarketWatchData().done(function (data) {

        initializationData = data;


// Add client-side hub methods that the server will call
$.extend(ticker.client, {
    updateMarketWatchData: function (marketWatchData) {
        // do something...

// Start the connection
    .done(function () { = initializationData;


var viewModelMarketRates = kendo.observable({
    data: null

kendo.bind($("#marketWatchGrid"), viewModelMarketRates);

And the view model of my view containing form:

$(function () {
var viewModelOrder = kendo.observable({
    selectedInstrument: "EURUSD",
    amount: "0.1",
    slActivate: false,
    sl: "0.0",
    tpActivate: false,
    tp: "0.0",
    buy: function () {

    sell: function () {

    updateInstruments: function () {
        this.set("selectedInstrument", "EURUSD");

//viewModelOrder.instruments =;
kendo.bind($("#orderForm"), viewModelOrder);

As you see I'm getting market rates data in init function and storing it in data attribute of viewModelMarketRates. I call updateInstruments function of viewModelOrder but in firebug I'm getting the following error:

ReferenceError: viewModelOrder is not defined


How can I prevent this error?

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  1. The source of your problem is that your viewModelOrder is in different scope than grid's document ready.
  2. You shouldn't reference function/objects from multiple dynamically loaded views that load at the same time. What if one loads later than the other? Or don't load at all?

Easiest solution I can think of atm: 1. Sync the views. Load form after grid. 2. Move content of grid's document ready to a

function grid_ready(){
//all that ticker and connections start stuff

and use that function in form's document ready

//create view model etc,

edit: grammar.

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