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I want to write an App (JS) with SQLite (VS2012). So I can't find a easy beginnerguide for this. When I install the SQLite for Windows Runtime. There is a C++ code (GitHub) to insert in the Projekt. So, what happens with the JS - Projekt? How can JS refer to properties and methodes of the DB-Objekt (dll, ocx, whatever from the SQLite-Runtime) just to open DB, execute SQL etc. in a simple way?

In Android-Browser following simple JS code (no more) is korrekt:

    var shortName = 'testDb';
    var version = '1.0';
    var displayName = 'test db';
    var maxSize = 1048576; // in bytes
    mydb = window.openDatabase(shortName, version, displayName, maxSize);

     function(transaction) {
          transaction.executeSql('CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS person(id INTEGER ..);', [], NullDataHandler, errorHandler);

Is somebody here - can show me the same SIMPLE in VS2012 without an Overhead, advanced settings and error-mangement - I can't follow the code? 1. DB_open : .. 2. Execute SQL : ..

Many Greetings from Bavaria ralphi PS: Why isn't it allowed to insert links?

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I assume your Javascript is running on a web page. Actually, There is no way to manipulate the Sqlite database from a web page. For security reason, the ability to access local files from a web page is strictly limited. Despite new HTML5-supported browsers allow you to access local files in a limited and safe way, directly using local database is not possible in HTML world.

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