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I am writing a code in C# where I need to find a child node based on a criteria and replace its value.

What is available :

  1. XML Node
  2. placeholder = string indicating placeholder
  3. replacementString = placeholder string needs to be replaced with this string

What is to be done :

  1. Find a child in the xml node with text = placeholder or a node with any attribute havingvalue = placeholder string

  2. if node, assign inner text = replacementString. if attribute, replace attribute value with replacementString

Progress so far :

I am able to find a node with placeholder as text with xpath


But now I am stuck with addition of rule where placeholder can be present as attribute values too.


It needs to be accomplished in XPath that can be used in SelectSingleNode. It is assured that there can be one and only node/attribute with given placeholder


I know I can get string of the xmlnode, perform string replacement, load it in DOM and get the document element. But I do not want to create another DOM in memory just for the string replacement.

Thanks already

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It would be good if you give me the xml sample, whereas I can provide you the needed XPATH expression. – Arup Rakshit Apr 22 '13 at 12:08
@RubyLovely : That was the part of the problem as I would not know the structure of xml I am supposed to perform replacement on. The marked answer works for my purpose – Jyotsna Sonawane Apr 24 '13 at 5:51
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XmlNode foo;
string placeHolder, replacement;

you should be able to use

XmlNode rep = foo.SelectSingleNode(string.Format("//@*[. = '{0}'] | //text()[. = '{0}']", placeHolder));
if (rep != null) {
  rep.InnerText = replacement;

as both XmlText as well as XmlAttribute have a settable InnerText property.

[edit] If the node foo is part of a larger document then it is better to change the XPath to

XmlNode rep = foo.SelectSingleNode(string.Format(".//@*[. = '{0}'] | .//text()[. = '{0}']", placeHolder));
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