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There is a question about checking c string null in Linux kernel code, could you help me, thank you!

In kobject.c, kobject_add_internal to check the name whether is NULL:

if (!kobj->name || !kobj->name[0]) {
    WARN(1, "kobject: (%p): attempted to be registered with empty "
                               "name!\n", kobj);
    return -EINVAL;

Why is if(!kobje->name) not enough?

Thank you!

Kind Regards Bill

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!kobj->name is true when the string is NULL.

!kobj->name[0] is true when the string is empty. A C string is terminated by the character 0, therefore a string is empty if and only if its first character is 0.

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great, thank you very much~ –  Bill Wang Apr 22 '13 at 12:08

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