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I have a flat file (CSV) with values separated by "|", and i would like to convert all numbers with specific format "1 234 567,89" or "1.123.456,89" into "1234567,89"

In order to do that i created this regex rule:

(\|\ *)([0-9]{0,3})(\.|\ )?([0-9]{3})?(\.|\ )?([0-9]{3})?(,)?([0-9]{0,3})(-| )?(\|)

this works fine, except when 2 numbers are continus, for example:

| 9 450,000 |**9 809 100,000** | 1 890,000 |UN |

How can I correct that?

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What language are you using? Can you process the output of the regexp? –  vggonz Apr 22 '13 at 12:15

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If the regex flavor you're using allow both lookarounds, I think this could be enough:

(?<=\d)(?: |\.)(?=\d)

And then replacing the matches by an empty string may be enough.
However, if you can't use them, you can still use

(\d)(?: |\.)(\d)

And then use the referenced groups ($1$2 or \1\2 depending on the flavor).

To make sure not to replace dates:

(?<=\d)(?: |\.)(?=\d)(?=[ .\d]*,)

As you're using a csv file, your data are separated by | so that can work (as I don't have your entire data, I'm not sure).

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At first thanks for your answer, however i cannot use your code as this one would convert Dateformat (such : 11.12.2012 into number as well) –  Frederic RIsch Apr 22 '13 at 12:47
You pretty much have to use a general expression if you don't want to have hugely long regex to match numbers higher and higher. I'm adding something else to check is there's a comma in the number (that would make sure not to replace dates). –  Loamhoof Apr 22 '13 at 12:54
Thanks, at the end i ll format the Date with '-' and this will solve the issue. –  Frederic RIsch Apr 22 '13 at 14:11

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