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I want to find a way to echo this and display the below output

same as the output of host but without all of the other jargon....

Maybe could just use the host and cut out all of the other stuff. Ideally would liek to avoid the host lookup.

Any ideas?


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try this one-liner:

awk -F. '{s="";for (i=NF;i>1;i--) s=s sprintf("%s.",$i);$0=s $1}1' file

with your example:

kent$  echo ""|awk -F. '{s="";for (i=NF;i>1;i--) s=s sprintf("%s.",$i);$0=s $1}1'

if you have a prefix HOST or IP or whatever:

kent$  echo "FOO"|awk -F'[. ]' '{s="";for (i=NF;i>2;i--) s=s sprintf("%s.",$i);$0=$1" "s $2}1' 
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+1 here. I did not get the idea properly in my answer, so I deleted it. Couldn't beat your awk one-liner! –  fedorqui Apr 22 '13 at 12:58

I don't think my answer solves your question, Kent seems to have provided a good method for you, but if other people are looking to reverse a BASH string and wind up here this could be useful:

echo -n $YOUR_STRING | tac -rs [^-\n] 
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