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I've been using debug() more often now, but sometimes I wonder which functions have been flagged for debugging. I know that you can use isdebugged() to find out if a particular function is flagged. But is there a way for R to list all the functions that are being debugged?

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This is convoluted, but it works:

 find.debugged.functions <- function(environments=search()) {
    r <-"rbind", lapply(environments, function( {
    return("rbind", lapply(ls(, function(x) {
          if(is.function(get(x))) {
             is.d <- try(isdebugged(get(x)))
             if(!(class(is.d)=="try-error")) {
                return(data.frame(, debugged=is.d))
             } else { return(NULL) }

You can run it across all your environments like so:


Or just in your ".GlobalEnv" with this:

 > find.debugged.functions(1)
 1 find.debugged.functions    FALSE
 2                    test     TRUE

Here I created a test function which I am debugging.

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Unless you wanted to get into something like writing a function to fire everything through isdebugged(), I don't think you can.

In debug.c, the function do_debug is what checks for the DEBUG flag being set on an object. There are only three R functions which call the do_debug C call: debug, undebug and isdebugged.

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