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I'm currently completing a project to create a film rating system / database using Haskell.

I'm trying to add the functionality that allows the user to become a fan of a film.

I have:

isFan :: Fan -> Film -> Bool
isFan givenFan (_, _, _, fans) = any (\fan -> fan == givenFan) fans

filmsWithFan :: Fan -> [Film]
filmsWithfan givenFan = filter (isFan givenFan) testDatabase

But this is bringing up an error saying that: The type signature for 'filmswithFan' lacks accompanying binding.

Any ideas?

Many thanks in advance.

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You have a typo:

filmsWithFan :: Fan -> [Film]
--       ^ upper case F
filmsWithfan givenFan = filter (isFan givenFan) testDatabase
--       ^ lower case f

Whenever you see a "type signature lacks accompanying binding" message, carefully check your function names for typos.

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Thanks for the quick and helpful advice / tips. :) – user2307663 Apr 22 '13 at 14:10

You capitalised the function name differently in the two lines, filmsWithFan vsfilmsWithfan

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