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I am a .Net programmer(both C# and VB.net) , and I want to go into F# area also, but can't find some good online article/pdf to start with. Please guide me through this.

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This is a good staring point. Also good suggestions from everyone else. Thanks a ton, everyone –  Varun Mahajan Oct 3 '08 at 10:22
Related question (and better answers): stackoverflow.com/q/734525 –  Benjol Mar 31 '11 at 20:48

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Check the MSDN F# Development center, they have some articles on there:


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Robert Pickering who wrote Foundations of F# has a blog you could check.

Don Syme, lead designer of the F# language also has one. He co-wrote the Expert F# book as well.

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There is a great series of articles called "F# for game development" which explains F# step by step. The good thing about the articles is that they are written by a beginner and shows how he learns F#.

Another good resours is the "Exploring the F# Language" articles which explains F# from a developer point of view.

Hanselman has a few resources mentioned Here you should have a look on the great presentation called "F# Eye for the C# Guy" that really helped me understand F#.

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