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When I use AJAX to filter my jQuery Masonry boxes on a page, the formatting doesn't adjust. I tried following the response to this question: jQuery Masonry and Ajax-fetching to Append Items Causing Image Overlap but it still doesn't work. Anyone have suggestions? My code is below

$ -> 
$('#all-content').on 'click', (e) ->
    console.log 'click', this, arguments
    element = $(e.currentTarget)
    $.ajax {
        url: element.attr('href')
        complete: (xhr, status) ->
            console.log 'complete', this, arguments
            $('#content').append(e).masonry('reload').html xhr.responseText
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1 Answer

You should call the masonry.appended after appending items to the container

$('#content').masonry( 'appended', elements );

NOTE : elements is an Array of Elements(not JQuery object)

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