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I am using S3UploadPartRequest to upload videos to S3 from iOS devices. I'd be uploading videos of size 3-70 MB using Asynchronous Multipart Requests.

I'm Setting the Data of the S3UploadPartRequest for Uploading. But it does have a lot of Memory Impacts.

  1. The Major issue that I'm facing is that the 5MB Data objects that I set to S3UploadPartRequest is not getting released properly. (It is getting released after a long time since the response has been completed).

  2. Is setting the Data the proper way, because if I'm uploading 3 Parts in parallel 15 MB would be residing in memory.

Currently I'm using the SDK 1.4.6. Same issue seems to happen with 1.5.0 as well.

This is how I am uploading:

I've a NSOperation Subclass and I'll be initiating the following code from the start method

// Uploading process will be initiated from the Mainthread
S3UploadPartRequest* upReq = [[S3UploadPartRequest alloc] initWithMultipartUpload:self.s3MultipartUpload];
upReq.partNumber = self.partNumber;

NSData *the_dataToUpload1; // This data will be read from file using a file handle

_partData  = [[NSData alloc] initWithData:the_dataToUpload1];
NSInputStream *stream = [NSInputStream inputStreamWithData:self.partData ];

[self.fileHandle closeFile];

upReq.contentLength = self.partData.length;
//upReq.data = the_dataToUpload;
upReq.stream  =stream;

upReq.contentType = self.client.contentType;
upReq.delegate = self;

self.partUploadReq = upReq;
[[[S3UploadManager sharedS3Uploader] s3Client] uploadPart:self.partUploadReq];
connection = upReq.urlConnection;
[upReq release];

Please Advice.

Here is how my dealloc looks like.

self.partData = nil;
self.fileHandle = nil;
self.partUploadReq.stream = nil;
self.partUploadReq = nil;
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Could you please include your code? In our testing we have not seen this kind of memory usage, so we'd like to understand if there is something we can improve or help you correct. Also, please let us know if you are using ARC in your project or not. –  Bob Kinney Apr 22 '13 at 19:13
I've added the Code along with the question. The Project is Using ARC, but for this NSOperation subclass I've removed the ARC. As I should mention, that the upload is happening fine with the above code. But on 3G/EDGE I get frequent timeouts. The only issue that I'm getting is regarding the memory consumption. –  Sj. Apr 23 '13 at 7:52
NSOperation subclasses are getting deallocated. But the S3UploadPartRequest will be deallocated some time later the upload is completed. ! –  Sj. Apr 23 '13 at 7:55
Thanks for supplying your code, but I notice you are keeping a reference to the S3UploadPartRequest on the operation. Just to verify, you are releasing this reference when the operation is dealloc'd? Also, there is a known issue with uploading over 3G/Edge on iOS versions prior to 6.0 that will cause timeouts. –  Bob Kinney Apr 23 '13 at 16:19
Yeah, I'm releasing the request reference in the dealloc. Even before releasing it I even tried setting the stream to nil. It looks like the last release is happening from the AmazonServiceResponse class. Yeah that timeout is related to the packet size right? I'm testing the app on the ipod5 with iOS6.0 on wifi. –  Sj. Apr 23 '13 at 16:26

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