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I'm doing a project in Vaadin 7. In that I need to remove a row from Treetable.

I even couldn't find any way to remove any row from the Treetable. I used removeItem(), But, can't get it done.

can anyone help me in this issue?

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Next time, it would be good if you show us your sourceode. Then we can say you what the misstake is and how to resolve it.

If you have a TreeTable then you can remove all items with removeAllItems() or single items with removeItem(Object)

Now, if you add a item on the TreeTable, you have to give this item a itemID what you can use later to find this again and delete this item.

final TreeTable     treeTable   = new TreeTable();
treeTable.addItem(new Object[]{"value", "value", "value"}, 0);
treeTable.addItem(new Object[]{"value", "value", "value"}, 1);
treeTable.addItem(new Object[]{"value", "value", "value"}, 2);

This very small example will create 3 Items in the your treeTable with the ID´s 0, 1 and 2. After this it delete the Item with the ID 1.

You can find here the Documentation about TreeTable and the method removeItem().

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Thanks rene. It worked for me. – Gugan Apr 23 '13 at 5:56

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