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I'm honing up my scala skills and I'm writing a few graph ing algorithms. I have an API representation for graph which is something like this

trait GraphLike[T]
  val vertices: Map[ T, VertexLike[T] ] 
  def addVertex( t: T ): GraphLike[T]
  def addEdge( a:T, b:T ): GraphLike[T]
  def getAdjacencyList( a: T ): List[T]
  def getVertex( a: T ): VertexLike[T]

I then have another class:

class DepthFirstSearch[ T ]( val graph: GraphLike[T], val sourceVertex: T )

Currently I found that I have to do this to create an instance of the DepthFirstSearch class

val dfs = new DepthFirstSearch[Integer]( new UnDirGraph[Integer](/*some params*/), 1 )

where UnDirGraph is a GraphLike sub-class

I have to specify the type parameter in new DepthFirstSearch[Integer]. Is there a way that Type checker can infer this from the graph parameter provided. I found that I couldn't do something like this

val dfs = new DepthFirstSearch( new UnDirGraph[Integer](/*some params*/), 1 )

Currently the above fails... Is there a way something like the above can be done?

EDIT: So the error message I get is type mismatch; found : com.KGraph.GraphLike[Integer]
required: com.KGraph.GraphLike[Any] Note: Integer <: Any, but trait GraphLike is invariant in type T. You may wish to define T as +T instead. (SLS 4.5)

this is how I try to create

val graph = Graphing.createUndiGraphFromFile( 
            new File("/Volumes/Data/Users/kartik/ScalaSpace/Graph/tinyG.txt" ) )
val dfs = new DepthFirstSearch( graph, 0 )

where crateUndiGraphFromFile returns a GraphLike[Integer]

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A little more info would be nice. For example what is the error message? – Felix Apr 22 '13 at 16:10
It infers the type / enforces consistent binding of T, but it does not automatically find and invoke a constructor. You can do that usng reflection. You have to get a ClassTag (the compiler will do that for you if you ask) and then get enmeshed in reflection. And since you need something other than the default (no-arg) constructor, it's rather more inovled that it would be for the default construtor. I know Java reflection can be used for this sort of thing (I've done it), but I'm unfamiliar with the 2.10 Scala reflection capbilities in this area. There's a chance it's less ugly that way. – Randall Schulz Apr 22 '13 at 16:31
@Kartik Aiyer: No time for a proper answer right now, but you should be aware that Integer refers to java.lang.Integer rather than the primitive scala.Int. Changing Integer to Int is likely to fix your problem (I tried quickly in the repl, and had a variance error with Integer, but none with Int). @Randall Schulz: I think you misunderstood the question, somehow. – Régis Jean-Gilles Apr 22 '13 at 16:49
To expand, the literal 1 is a scala.Int, not a java.lang.Integer. Thus, the common type, and only applicable inference for T, is Any. But if T resolves to Any, that means that you would be assigning an UnDirGraph[Int] to a GraphLike[Any] which is not allowed, as T is not covariant (it is invariant). Hence the suggestion from the compiler about using +T instead of T. The really interesting part to me is that once you add [Integer] it works, which suggests that 1 can be automatically converted to a java.lang.Integer when forced, something I didn't know yet. – Mark Peters Apr 22 '13 at 20:34
@MarkPeters 1 being converted to java.lang.Integer is common boxing. In Scala, Predef.int2Integer takes care of this. – gzm0 Apr 22 '13 at 20:50

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Credits to @Régis Jean-Gilles and @Mark Peters

Common super-type of Integer and 1 (of type Int) is Any. So when writing this:

val dfs = new DepthFirstSearch( new UnDirGraph[Integer](/*some params*/), 1 )

The type inference gives you

val dfs = new DepthFirstSearch[Any]( new UnDirGraph[Integer](/*some params*/), 1 )

But now, we need

new UnDirGraph[Integer](/*some params*/) <: UniDirGraph[Any]

which is not the case as UnDirGraph is invariant.

If you write:

val dfs = new DepthFirstSearch[Integer]( new UnDirGraph[Integer](/*some params*/), 1 )

Scala will implicitly convert the 1 to an Integer and then everything is fine.

As @Régis Jean-Gilles points out, the following will work:

val dfs = new DepthFirstSearch( new UnDirGraph[Int](/*some params*/), 1 )
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