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I am authenticating users via GoogleOpenIdOAuthProvider. I need to access the email address of the user that logged in. I have attempted to implement the Using Typed Sessions in ServiceStack code as-is.

So, I created a base class that my service inherits from:

public abstract class AppServiceBase : Service
    //private CustomUserSession userSession;
    protected CustomUserSession UserSession
            return base.SessionAs<CustomUserSession>();

public class CustomUserSession : AuthUserSession
    public string CustomId { get; set; }

The service has the [Authenticate] attribute on it. In my AppHost setup, I have configured auth like this:

        Plugins.Add(new AuthFeature(() => new CustomUserSession(),
            new IAuthProvider[] {
            new GoogleOpenIdOAuthProvider(appSettings)    //Sign-in with Google OpenId

Once the user has authenticated, the service tries to access the auth session from the base class like this:

var x = base.UserSession.Email;

However, Email is always null. How can I access this value?

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You will need to pull the data from the AuthProvider and set the value in the CustomUserSession. An example of this is shown in the SocialBootstrapApi sample


Override OnAuthenticated, find the GoogleOpenIdOAuthProvider to get to the email address.

Another example is shown at ServiceStack OAuth - registration instead login

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At first, it wasn't clear why this wasn't already done for me, until I realized you could be simultaneously authenticated with multiple providers. –  RedFilter Apr 23 '13 at 20:47

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