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I've recently installed the Windows Phone 8.0 SDK and when developing a new Windows Phone HTML App, I can see a few emulators listed which when run, open up the emulator fine:

Emulator WVGA 512 MB Emulator WVGA Emulator XVGA Emulator 720P

To test for functionality on a different handset (Nokia Lumia 710), it looked like I needed to install the Windows Phone SDK update for Windows phone 7.8 which "Adds the ability to start a Windows Phone 7.8 emulator in Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2012.". I was expecting to see the new 7.8 emulators added to the list, but they are not being displayed.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Am I missing a further step?


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You only can see Windows Phone 7.8 emulators if your project is for Windows Phone 7.5

If your project has been updated or created for 8, you won't see them.

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Great, thanks for your advice. I was only creating a Windows Phone App in order to launch the emulator and test a site in IE on a particular version. Initially, I was using the Windows Phone HTML app project type to try and achieve this. If I create a Windows Phone App and set the target OS to 7.1, I do indeed see all the emulators listed, which when running allow me to test other sites using IE on the desired platform. –  Ian Apr 25 '13 at 14:29

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