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I'm looking at creating a small shell script with a config file where I can set the IPs of the servers that need to checked and execute a few simple commands like who, date, uname, etc. and print the output in a file.


This is what I currently have:

HOSTS="localhost localhost"
SCRIPT="uname -a; who; who -b; date; df -h; id"

for HOSTNAME in ${HOSTS} ; do
        echo "${HOSTS}" >> output.log
        ssh -l ${USERNAME} ${HOSTNAME} "${SCRIPT}" >> output.log
        echo "" >> output.log
        echo "" >> output.log

Any way I can provide the appropiate host IP addres/hostname on the output? Currently it'll print all the line HOSTS, therefore showing localhost localhost on every output initialization.

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I'm also hoping someone could give me a hand on how to auto enter password for the servers if possible. –  Lucas Gomez Apr 22 '13 at 17:48

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create ssh keys on all the remote servers - for the user (you) on the local server:

for node in server1 server2 server3
    ssh $node  "uname -a && who"

Or for a bunch of commands:

for node in server1 server2 server3
    echo "$node"
    for cmd in 'who'  'ls *.pdf' 
        ssh $node  "$cmd"
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