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I have the following structure

  specific tests
  more tests

Now I am trying to require test_helper in both first_test and second_test. The following works

require '../test_helper.rb'

and from command line I should be under specific tests and execute

ruby first_test.rb

How can I get more flexibility ie. I want to be in any directory and execute these tests. Currently I am getting 'no such file'. This is not a rails app but in rails I could simply do require 'test_helper.rb'

Bonus points for making this work with rake.

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Put your test_helper and other helpers in a separate directory like


or wherever you like and use base directory like

Dir["base/path/to/your/helper/*.rb"].each {|file| require file }

or from my above example

Dir["/home/XXX/projects/test_project/lib/*.rb"].each {|file| require file }

Thats it. Now add this line to the beginning of every test you want to run separately from any directory.And forget about the directory issue.

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