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One nice feature of Sublime Text's Vintage Mode is that entering normal mode makes an underscore under the character you are one, rather than the standard cursor that highlights the current character with a certain background color.

Is there a way in GUI VIM to change the normal mode cursor to an underscore under the current character you're on like Sublime Text?


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Yes, there is. Take a look in :h guicursor. Here's my suggestion, trying to keep it as close as the default configuration for the syntax group.

:set guicursor+=n:hor20-Cursor/lCursor
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Great solution. hor10 works best for me. I find this one is more practical (will add the blink options, though). – beakr Apr 22 '13 at 18:10

Option 'guicursor' controls how cursor is displayed.

I've never seen Sublime Text, but line below changes the cursor to underscore on normal mode:

 set guicursor=n-ci:hor30-iCursor-blinkwait300-blinkon200-blinkoff150

See :h guicursor for details on how you can change the cursor.

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