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I have an image map defined as below

  <img src="../../Content/Images/Mapimage.png"  usemap="#Map" />
        <map name="Map">
            <area id="s1" shape="rect" coords="200,45,270,105"/>
            <area id="s2" shape="rect" coords="215,275,280,335"/>
            <area id="s3" shape="rect" coords="110,270,180,335"/>

and a draggable image

 <img src="../../Content/Images/image1.png" id="draggableImage"/>

and the jquery

        helper: 'clone',
        appendTo: 'body',


        drop: function (event, ui) {
            alert("Got it");

when I drag and drop nothing happens. If I drag and drop to a div that I have set as droppable that is NOT in an image map it works. It is just not working when I drop on an image map area. Any thoughts how to do this on an image map area? Thanks!

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Can you create a jsFiddle example? –  j08691 Apr 22 '13 at 19:22
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