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I am trying to use EGit while doing Salesforce development. My problem is this. I don't like how EGit is pushing the folder structure. Its pushing like this:

    --Referenced Packages

I would ideally like the structure to look like this:


I am nervous though to start moving things around and running git commands because I'm afraid it will break the GUI part of EGit which I need to work for team development. Any clues on how to do this?

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I would probably recommend just using .gitignore file to exclude the other files, but if you really want to use src as the root of your project, you can try creating a second generic project in Eclipse that points directly to the src of your Force.com. To do this, go to New | Project... | General | Project, uncheck the Use Default Location checkbox and point the Location to the src directory of your Force.com project (e.g. /Users/me/Workspaces/Force.com IDE/my-sfdc-project/src). Now you can enable Git on the generic project. Both projects will point to the same files on disk (except the non-src directories), but the Force.com project will have the knowledge of your org and SFDC stuff, while the other will know about the source control.

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