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We are a full .net shop, and are thinking about starting development of mobile apps for iphone/ipad. Should we get into Objective C or are there IDE tools that would be easier to adopt?

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Take a look at Xamarin. It lets you code in C# and develop for iOS and Android using Windows as your OS. It even lets you use Visual Studio as your IDE. You still need a Mac as a build server, but you can buy a Mac Mini and stick it in the corner.

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There is definitely a learning curve required with iOS, but I think it is worth it. There will always be limitations with products like Xamarin. If you are looking to get a single quick app out, Xamarin may be fine, but otherwise, learn iOS...it is much easier to learn now than when I started 4 years ago with the NDA issues. Plus you have ARC now meaning you don't have to worry as much about memory management issues.

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